OneHope Women

It’s our desire, that through this Women’s Ministry, every woman who attends OneHope is ‘seen and known’ by experiencing a caring and authentic community that is connected to the church and have a faith in Jesus and that women are ‘impacted and transformed’ through discipleship and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

OneHope Women connects women across Moolap and Barrabool Hills and the wider community in authentic relationships with God and with each other through a variety of local events and our annual conference.

Our events will focus on being ‘empowered and equipped’ through deepening our understanding of our identity in God and using our God given gifts and abilities to serve the community, whether in our church, neighbourhood, locally or globally.

You can always find more info via our socials.

Facebook: @onehopewomens
Instagram: @onehope_women

Bloom Conference

In the past Bloom Conference has attracted over 400 women from over 50 different churches to spend time with God and each other over an annual one and a half day Conference facilitated at our Barrabool Hills Campus. Each year we look to a theme that will encourage and speak to the women across our church and the wider community along with a guest speaker to encourage, inspire and challenge us. No future conferences are planned at this time but we’ll update you when we do.