Red Frogs at Work

Red Frogs

Red Frogs mission is to combat a culture in Australia that is largely dominated by alcohol and other substances, often leading to dangerous and life-altering behaviours for young people.

Partners in Mission Since 2002

Akademi Kristus

To foster hope and empower Indonesian communities through real relationships and the delivery of martial arts, education and creative arts.

Partners in Mission Since 2019.

Foundation 61

At Foundation 61 our mission is to empower people who are confronting life-controlling issues so they can restore control in their lives and contribute positively to mainstream society. We run two separate facilities dedicated to the recovery of men & women.

Partners in Mission Since 2001.

Christ’s Restoration Centre

OneHope Baptist Church have been Partners in Mission with Christ’s Restoration Centre (CRC) in Kawangware, Kenya, for over a decade. CRC Kawangware seek to bring the hope of Christ to their community through both the school and church.

Partners in Mission Since 2005.

Offspring Project

Offspring Project

At Offspring, we believe that in some capacity we are all called to seek justice and defend the defenceless. We are all called to give generously and love others. When this happens, we see change and we see others brought to freedom. Because….EVERY LIFE is WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

Partners in Mission Since 2015.

Norlane Community Initiatives

We have always believed that local transformation happens best when it actively involves the people who live in our community. Because of this, our team lives and works alongside our neighbours. We share life and work together to develop solutions to local challenges and opportunities. Our dream is to build a localised movement of neighbours working, living and co-creating a thriving neighbourhood.

Partners in Mission Since 2007.

Living Water Development

Living Water Development is a Not-for-profit entity taking up a professional position in WaSH (Water & Sanitation, Hygiene promotion) disciplines. We have observed that communities need the full range of primary health care by way of Community led Sanitation to be given every basic opportunity to thrive as self-determining and healthy communities.

Partners in Mission Since 2003.

Hope for A Village kids smiling

Hope for a Village

Hope for a Village Fiji was founded in 2010 by the Slatter family from Victoria, Australia. Hope for a Village Fiji supports more than 700 students with their school items thanks to the generous supporters who have committed to school sponsorship. Hope for a Village is committed to responding to urgent needs, such as medical care, emergency food support and cyclone relief.

Partners in Mission Since 2022.