OneCare Geelong

OneCare Geelong was established in 2009 as a response to the community needs recognised by OneHope Baptist Church.  Since this time, OneCare has trained and empowered volunteers to provide a range of services and programs that assist people in the community experiencing disadvantage and social isolation. We believe that strong relationships are the primary means of creating meaning, purpose and a sense of value. Building relationships that reflect the diversity of our city results in a stronger community as a whole. www.onecaregeelong.org.au

Cupcake Ministry

Women working in brothels deserve dignity, respect and care, but experience shows that the majority are vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized within our society.

Through our Cupcake Ministry we seek to visit and show care for these women without discrimination or judgement as we care, listen, pray and offer connections for women.

The cupcakes baked with love, provide us with a well-received tool for engagement, leading to opportunities to sit and talk over a cuppa. We consistently and regularly visit the ladies and our commitment to authentically love these women has forged meaningful, respectful and enjoyable ongoing relationships.