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Where it All Began

Restoration Educational Centre, Kawangware, was started in 2007 with 2 initial class grades and has grown through the years to the current institution it is.

The school currently offers education from baby grades (pre school) through to Year 8/9. Maximum class sizes are set at 30 learners in baby grades and 45 learners in primary grades, with the school having capacity for approximately 320 students. The 2023 School Year closed with 207 students enrolled.

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The Appeal

Watch a video with Pastor Matt on how your support can bring hope to a child today.

Great News!

We've successfully reached our goal to sponsor 150 places for the Kawangware Educational Centre. Your support has made a significant impact! Thank you.

Currently, we’re in discussions with the school about the potential to expand the number of places available in 2025.
We’re aiming to reopen the campaign in November, and we’d be thrilled to have your continued support for these additional places.