OneHope Internships & Intern +


OneHope Internships are a great opportunity if you have a passion for serving God, desire hands-on experience and want to maximise your character and leadership potential.  An internship at OneHope is for those aged 18-24.



For the first time in 2023 you can also consider Interns+.  Interns+ is for those aged 25years and older, or for those who have already completed a OneHope Internship year.  Interns+ offers an opportunity for you to grow and be better equipped to live out your faith, while at the same time blessing your church family by making an intentional investment through a commitment to serve.

“Throughout my internship at OneHope I have loved seeing how God has transformed my heart towards Families Ministry and kids! Seeing the joy and excitement that kids bring to every area of life has been a highlight and such a great reminder about the way God sees us. I feel so blessed to have worked alongside such an incredible team and if you’re aged 18-24 I encourage you to pray about doing an Internship at OneHope.” Megan Kaiser – Intern 2022

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Week at a Glance


Learn from leaders on a variety of topics that will inspire, challenge, and equip you. 1.5 hours per fortnight // Sunday 4-5:30pm.

Ministry Experience

Approx. 4-6 hours each week contributing in your ministry area.


1-1.5 hour mentoring sessions every 2-3 weeks. Deepen your character and push past your comfort zone with regular one-on-one catchups with your mentor.

Sunday Service/s

Build community by participating in your church family beyond the Internship Program.

Our Commitment to You

Personal Growth
Spiritual Mentoring
Biblical Studies
Supportive & Social Community
Unique Opportunities
Relevant Training

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Internships run from February–December and allow you the opportunity to grow in your knowledge and experience of ministry as you become more immersed in the day-to-day life of OneHope Baptist Church.  With an 8 hour per week commitment, an Internship can sit alongside your studies, employment or other commitments.  It’s a great opportunity for you to grow in a social, fun, and supportive environment, and be better equipped as a leader.

Internships include a unique combination of leadership development, biblical studies, and practical ministry experience.   Over a year you’ll be given the opportunity to learn from great leaders, grow your character and spiritual walk, and be encouraged in who God has called you to be.

Credit and Cost

A OneHope Internship does not currently carry any credit towards a qualification. Applicants must be university age or equivalent to apply.

There is no financial cost to undertake an internship with OneHope.

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Campus Support

Be a part of creating a great community at your home campus by: 

  • Assisting campus staff with Sunday services
  • Helping develop communications and campus activities
  • Coordinating logistics for campus supplies and resources


Help enable great ministry to happen by taking care of the important details often no one sees, including:   

  • Bring a difference in people’s lives through:
  • Helping create a caring and supportive church culture
  • Assisting with providing care for those that are sick or unwell

Facilities Management

Ensure people have an amazing first impression of our church by:   

  • Assisting with facilities projects
  • Performing maintenance
  • Helping with landscaping and design projects


Play a key role in seeing kids passionately follow Jesus by: 

  • Helping co-ordinate Families Ministry activities
  • Brainstorming and contributing to activities and events
  • Assisting with communications and weekly duties

Hosting / Connections

Play a leading role in helping our church family be a friendly and welcoming one by: 

  • Assisting with Guest Experience at Sunday services
  • Helping people experience genuine community by connecting with others



Play a part in people following Jesus more passionately by: 

  • Assisting with mid-week and Sunday media production
  • Researching media/creative elements
  • Presenting ideas and participating in brain-storming sessions



Help men live out their faith by: 

  • Planning and coordinating events
  • Helping with coordinating activities
  • Assisting with communications and ministry support


Be a part of creating a strong culture of worship at OneHope by: 

  • Assisting in planning music/audio for special events and church services
  • Helping the Worship Pastor with daily responsibilities
  • Contributing to special projects


Change our community and city by: 

  • Helping plan events and activities
  • Joining brainstorming and implementing new initiatives
  • Communicating with key groups


Reach out to our local community by:

  • Assisting with weekly events
  • Help plan and run larger activities


Be a part of seeing the next generation experience God by: 

  • Planning youth events
  • Assist in planning larger events
  • Brainstorming and implementing new initiatives


Bless the women of OneHope by: 

  • Planning and coordinating local events
  • Helping with logistical planning
  • Assisting with communications and ministry support

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